SONY DSCMy name is Nanna Frank and I’m a social change maker! I love working with complex issues such as human behavior in relation to active citizenship,  cultural diversity and public education. I often ask my self: ”How do we help our self and each other to face a future that we don’t know with curiosity and courage?

In 2009 I graduated form Kaospilots and have since then been self employed. I’m trained as a systemic facilitator and dynamic project leader and have since specialized in hosting and designing participatory processes and doing strategic documentation of the work.

In my work I’m helping groups or organisations to discover the problem behind the problem, dream of visionary results, develop innovative opportunities and implement sustainable solutions.

Graphic facilitation: Using the visual language to create strategic maps and workshop material which helps groups or organizations to navigate in complex projects.

Workshop design and facilitation: Helping a group from A to B in the most effectual way. Helping the group define what A and B is.

Capacity building: Spreading the capacity of participatory leadership and co-creation by training people in hosting, designing workshops, facilitating and strategic visualisation.

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