We have to be able to navigate in chaos and work with complex challenges. To do that we must empower people to engage, contribute and take responsibility so they experience that they play an important role in finding a solution.
Graphic facilitation can support that process. The practice can be applied in different ways depending on which kind of workshop, project or strategy you are working with. Below you can find examples of ways to work with graphic facilitation.



Make a visual summary of you meeting or conference to document the event in an inspiring and inviting way. A graphic recorder will do live drawing during your event and make a visual interpretation of what is taking place. The method help the participants to remember what is taking place. print outs of the visual summary can be shared afterwards and used for knowledge sharing and storytelling.
Here is  an example of a recording from a 2 day conference at the Nordic Council of Minister. Find more examples – click here

scan 09 Nana Frank copy miniThe original size of this visual summary is 1x6m. Click on the image to make it bigger



When you ned to get an overview of your project or strategy, strategic visualisation is a great help. The graphic facilitator will together with a group your group of colleagues sketch out the project or strategy. The sketching process reveal a shared picture for the group. Together you will gain overview and clarity of where you are at, what’s missing and the steps for moving forward. The sketch can be turned into a poster which can be used for  visual presentation for the rest of the organisation. With the poster you can provide overview and clarity to the rest of the co-workers just as you experienced with your core team. The visual presentation  communicates your message in an inspiring and engaging way. See examples of  visual presentations – click here


foto-1Learn how to do graphic facilitation, so you can lead creative and inspiring development in your organisation. At the training you will get basic drawing techniques and learn how to engage people in dialogues by using visual methods. You can either join one of the open trainings or arrange a training in your own organisation and there by start building a shared visual language with your colleagues right away. Graphic facilitation will optimize your internal as well as external communication and ability to co-create and be creative . Learn more about the graphic facilitation training – click here